The Tattybogle Tree

Essie Clucket, a handsome lady scarecrow, and the Tattybogle Tree are the best of friends…until Tattybogle gets all the attention of some exotic and beautiful moths. Essie feels horribly jealous. But when the moths’ caterpillars looks set to eat her friend clean away, it is Essie’s quick thinking that saves Tattybogle and their friendship. Some of the original artwork is still available.

‘ a delightful, poetic tale packed with richly colourful illustrations from a stunning new illustrator’Hodder & Stoughton

Essie Clucket and the Tattybogle Tree are the best of friends

‘“ What’s it like then, being a tree?” Said Essie’

The moths came to the Tattybogle, making Essie very jealous, but they soon laid their eggs and flew away.

Soon the eggs hatched into little fat caterpillars… ‘“They are eating me to pieces!’’ Essie wanted to cry’

‘The birds flew over and began to hunt…’

But she soon had an idea: ‘“ Are you hungry me dears? … there are caterpillars over yonder”’

‘Soon the Tattybogle tree grew new leaves, and he stretched up tall in the sun’